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Perris Valley Skydiving:
Skydive Arizona in Eloy:


You know you're a skydiver when...:
10 reasons why skydiving is better than sex:
Fun things to do in a jump plane:


SSK's site for Cypres AAD:
USPA Official Website:
Skydive! Archives:


Deadmike has an AWESOME website:
Many different skydiver's web pages:
Personal Homepages from fellow skydivers:

Personal   Background

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! My name is Helene and I have been skydiving for over 3 years now. More exactly, my first tandem jump was on the 18th of November 1995. I hadn't planned on it, but I immediatly became addicted to jumping and I have now over 5oo jumps. Although I can sit and stand in the air fairly stable, I love RW in general and 4-way in particular. I have never done any serious competition and I like it that way! There's nothing like jumping out of plane with a bunch of friends, just for the hell of it! So here's my humble on-line contribution to the wonderful world of skydiving. Feel free to bookmark this page as I will be adding new things on a regular basis. Blue Skies to you all!!

Check out my skydiving pictures!!

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