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Welcome   to   Helene's   Page!

Hi Everybody! I'm a 22 years old female from Belgium, but I'm studying Chemistry and Aquatic Biology at the University of California in sunny Santa Barbara, California right now! I have a boyfriend named Phil since August 98. He is a computer science major and he is smart, funny and extremely charming. Everyday when I wake up I realize how lucky I am to have met him... I live in a cute little guesthouse downtown SB. I contemplated getting a roommate, but I really love being alone. Peace and quiet is worth the extra rent money to me:-) I have something that resembles a backyard and a whole lot of privacy. Rents in Santa Barbara are outrageous though... I love music, reading, red wine, beer (Samuel Adams and Newcy), Jack Daniels, South Park (wednesday night at Moondoggies in PB), Pacific Beach, all my teachers (my nose is brown) and all my friends! Favorite authors: Albert Camus, Richard Bach, James Redfield, John Steinbeck,... I have very eclectic taste in literature! All my family still lives in rainy Belgium, and I try to go back there at least once a year. I have one older brother, Frederic, he's 25. Then 5 half-brothers and sisters that I love just as much as my real brother: Ariane (16), Cecile (16), Nicolas (14), Antoine (7) and Pauline (5). Historically, I have sucked at every sport I have tried, but I'm somewhat athletic and I love sports even though I'm not good... I try to go swimming a few times a week, just for fun:) Swimming is my favorite workout: good cardio work, no sweat. I'm also a (good) skydiver (500+ jumps). My friends call me "the Belgian freak," but I'm not all that crazy. :-)

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My Photo Album!!

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My Snazzy List of Links

World Curry
My favorite restaurant in Pacific Beach!
Sushi, Anne Rice and me
Check out my friend (and neighbor) Alida's webpage.
Official US skydiving site, info for future skydiver.
See what's happening in San Diego!
San Diego Mesa College
My college, nice and laid back attitude, but hard work expected.
A great guy and a great skydiver!
Jean-Yves Vincent
My friend Jean-Yves from Belgium .
Pierre Scalliet
My dad's professional web page, here just for the hell of it.
K's Choice official site
Rock band from Belgium, increasingly popular in the US
Jim Musgrave
My Critical thinking/English teacher, good info for English students and new Internet users
Wine Lover's Page
All you need to know about appreciating wine, and more
Samuel Adams
One of my favorite American beers
South Park
Download some memorable episodes!
Free stuff for your webpage (thanx boogiejack!)
Sangiro's Synergy
Thanks for the cool graphics

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